‘Prebirth – The Eternal War’ USA, 2014

Josh Jackson and Brian M. Tang's most recent film, an otherworldly thriller following the struggle of a 'preborn' new soul, Jaclyn as she faces extreme adversity from an army of demons in her attempt to reach her as yet unborn physical body.

Music: Mark Peter Royce
MIx: Kurt Richter

Featured Musicians:

Patrick O. Beck, Guitars

‘Leben’ (2013)

Director: Carolin Färber
Music: Patrick O. Beck, Mark Royce
Recorded by: Kurt Richter, Michael Kröß
Mixed by: Kurt Richter

Featured Musicians:

Patrick O. Beck, E-Guitar, Glass harp
Clementine Gasser, 5-String Cello
Florian Kogler, E-Guitar
Franz Heinrich Lirsch, Contrabass
Mark Peter Royce, Piano, Programming
Erwin Schober, Percussion

‘Vienna Walls – The Urban Boulder Film’ (2013)

A documentary following the exploits of an urban bouldering club (city climbing), showing their skills in a range of different settings and famous landmarks in the city of Vienna, Austria.

Dir. Philipp Stromer
Composer: Mark Royce
Engineer/Mixer: Kurt Richter

Score also composed and produced for the Trailer Video (Teaser) ahead of the main feature production.

Featured Musicians:

Mark Peter Royce, Synths, sound design, programming
Burag Tuzkaya, Percussion
Nilufar Winkler, Voice

Katja Dworak Schmuckwerkstatt, Vienna (Promotional Video, 2013)

Promotional video for a jewelry workshop located in Vienna.

Director: Götz Raimund
Music composed, produced and mixed by Kurt Richter.

Featured Musicians:

Kurt Richter, Guitar, Bass, Programming
Mark Peter Royce Keyboards, Organ, Piano

Ruzicka Singt Piaf – An Edith Piaf Revue

A touring theatre production presenting the story of Edith Piaf, the Chanteur from Paris, who lived and died under tragic circumstances.

Working under the direction of Evelyn Ruzicka, a CD was recorded during the blisteringly hot summer of 2013, for the purposes of promotion and merchandising Ruzicka's Piaf revue.

Director: Evelyn Ruzicka
Project Leadership/Produced by Evelyn Ruzicka
Co-produced and engineered by Kurt Richter
Music direction from Mark Royce.

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Featured Musicians:

Franz Heinrich Lirsch, Contrabass
Evelyn Ruzicka, Voice
Mark Peter Royce, Piano
Simon Schellnegger, Viola
Richie Winkler, Saxophone

Eine Von Vielen (One Among Many)

Monoverlag Audiobook CD presentation of a reading of diary excerpts and letters shared between Elfriede Hartmann and Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, both arrested and imprisoned by the Gestapo during the National Socialist regime. Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky died in Vienna at the age of 103, a globally recognized Architect. Elfriede Hartmann was a victim of the Holocaust.

Mark Royce composed and produced the music for the CD.

Featured Musicians:

Florian Kogler, Acoustic Guitar
Mark Peter Royce, Piano, Accordion

Die Schönsten Tiergeschichten

Soundtrack for a children's audio storybook, featuring several stories written by Mira Lobe, a beloved Austrian storyteller. We composed a short introduction theme for each story, which were read by Erich Schleyer, a well known and respected Austrian narrator and broadcaster of children's programs and audiobooks.
Composed, recorded and mixed by Mark Peter Royce.